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Stefan's birthday with the Nepalese Cooking School

Happy birthday in Kathmandu, Nepal

Kathmandu is not the prettiest of cities, but the people make it charming – and colourful!  Your first journey into the city is an experience – the traffic is completely chaotic yet quite captivating: We spent a week in Kathmandu, staying at the excellent De Hotel Veda, catching up with friends visiting Nepal, celebrating Stefan’s (8th ...
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Stefan and Sebastien fighting during class

Best foods and drinks to try in Nepal

Daal Bhat Daal Bhat Baal Bhat… That was what ‘everyone’ told us you would expect from Nepalese food. Ok, so it’s true, this delicious and wholesome lentils/rice based meal is popular in Nepal, but there are a lot of other lovely treaties in Nepal to get a foodie excited. #1 DAAL BHAT First up the famous Nepalese staple, Daal Bhat.  Daal ...
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Village life for this family at Pisang village

People of the Himalayan mountains

The Himalayas are a collection of mountain ranges that straddle Nepal, Pakistan, India, Bhutan and China/Tibet and have some of the highest mountains in the world. The Annapurna is one of many mountain ranges across the Himalayas.  The Annapurna circuit trek takes you around this pretty mountain range and also through many mountain villages. Here are some ...
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