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One week travel itinerary to uruguay nomadic boys

Uruguay one week itinerary – road trip or by bus

Uruguay is a country you cannot afford to skip from your Latin America itinerary. It has so much to offer, whether it’s surfing beaches, good wine, stunning scenery, delicious steaks and of course marijuana. Uruguay is one of the most progressive countries in the world and certainly the most in Latin America. It was one of ...
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East islands Galapagos itinerary

Galapagos East islands itinerary on the Passion luxury yacht

The Galapagos itineraries are tightly controlled by the Ecuadorian government and the Galapagos National Park because of their sensitive environment. We did a luxury cruise aboard the Passion yacht, which alternates between 2 Galapagos itineraries each week. The first itinerary covers the Eastern islands and the second one covers the West islands. The main difference between the two ...
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10 fun and interesting facts about Uruguay which will put a smile on your face

10 interesting facts about Uruguay which will amuse you

Uruguay is like the Netherlands of Latin America – an extremely liberal country and global leader of LGBT rights. Same sex sexual activity has been decriminalised in Uruguay since 1934, anti-discrimination laws in place since 2003, adoption laws since 2009 and gay marriage implemented in early 2013. In addition, Uruguay was the second country in Latin ...
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Gay friendly hotels in Uruguay

10 cool gay friendly hotels in Uruguay for the gay traveller

Looking for a gay friendly place to stay in Uruguay? Well look no further…after 2 weeks travelling around this super gay friendly country, we’ve come up with our 10 best gay friendly hotels to stay in Uruguay. Gay friendly hotels in Montevideo #1 Sofitel Carrasco Description: overlooking the Rambla beachfront, this glamorous former casino palace was built in 1821. It boasts ...
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Gay scene of Montevideo gay guide

Gay Montevideo guide 2019: the best gay bars, clubs, hotels and map

Uruguay is an extremely gay friendly country, not only across Latin America, but in the world. Gay rights in Uruguay have long been secured and respected: homosexuality was decriminalised in 1934, anti-discrimination laws firmly in place since 2003, adoption laws since 2009 and gay marriage implemented in early 2013. Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, is frequently rated ...
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