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Good morning Moscow!

Visiting Russia: Good Morning Moscow!

Moscow was our second stop over in Russia after our time in St Petersburg. It was also the starting point for our Trans Siberian railway adventure. We arrived in Moscow on Thursday 12 June: National Russia Day and stayed with our friends Toly and Alex. You’ll quickly find out that every other guy in Russia is ...
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Russian food: dumplings

Our memorable experiences with Russian food

Whilst travelling through Russia, we got stuck into lots of Russian food. As the world’s largest country, Russian food has a wealth of influence from Europe on one side to Asia on the other – to the delight of these two hungry greedy boys. This is a summary of some our more memorable experiences with Russian food: Beverages Vodka “Vodka vodka ...
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Winter Palace Saint Petersburg

Beautiful St Petersburg: an open air museum

St Petersburg was the second stop in our travels and our first stop in Russia. We arrived by overnight coach across the boarder.  This was a truly unforgettable experience but for the wrong reasons.  The road between Riga and St Petersburg is bumpy.  Not soothing train bumpy, but extreme “no chance of any sleep” bumpy.  We ...
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trans siberian visa

Obtaining visas for the Trans Siberian train

Obtaining our visas: final planning hurdle accomplished! Our ideal plan is to just follow our stomachs through Asia. Then, if the budget allows it, to work our way through to Australia and New Zealand. We will be entering Asia via the Trans Siberian railway through Russia, Mongolia and China (spending at least a month in each). After China ...
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