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Latvia travel costs: Latvian Black Balsam - 30% alcohol

Costs of travelling in Latvia

Latvia was our first country on our Asian Adventure. Riga was our springboard from Europe into Russia for the Trans Siberian.we spent 4 days in Riga and each spent £117 / $172 this works out to a per person daily average of:  £29 / $42 the exchange rate was:  £1 = €1.2 / $1 = €1.28This is the breakdown of ...
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Stefan posing in Riga's Old Town

Riga: where our travel adventures begin

On Monday 2nd June 2014, Sebastien and I said our final goodbyes to our friends and families and left behind our lives in London for our first stop: Riga. We set off from Stansted airport to the Eastern depths of Europe: Latvia.  This is the first stop on our travel adventures this year before we head ...
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