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Our Trans Siberian selfie

Video of our travels on the Trans-Siberian train

This is our Trans-Siberian video summary of the first month of our travels. We started in Riga (Latvia), then headed to St Petersburg and Moscow to start our Trans Siberian adventure to Olkhon Island on Lake Baikal via Yekaterinburg, and we also explored whether Russia is safe for gay travellers.
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Latvia travel costs: Latvian Black Balsam - 30% alcohol

Costs of travelling in Latvia

Latvia was our first country on our Asian Adventure. Riga was our springboard from Europe into Russia for the Trans Siberian.we spent 4 days in Riga and each spent £117 / $172 this works out to a per person daily average of:  £29 / $42 the exchange rate was:  £1 = €1.2 / $1 = €1.28This is the breakdown of ...
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Stefan posing in Riga's Old Town

Riga: where our travel adventures begin

On Monday 2nd June 2014, Sebastien and I said our final goodbyes to our friends and families and left behind our lives in London for our first stop: Riga. We set off from Stansted airport to the Eastern depths of Europe: Latvia.  This is the first stop on our travel adventures this year before we head ...
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