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Mongolian food and drink

Best food and drinks to try in Mongolia

Mongolian food is influenced by the extreme climate.  Winter temperatures drop to -40°C and then rise to +50°C during the summer. Due to the extreme climates, it is difficult or impossible to grow anything.  Chicken cannot survive the extreme temperatures, so they are imported.  Fruit and vegetables are also imported and are generally very expensive.  One of ...
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Our tour through Central Mongolia

Our tour of Central Mongolia

Central Mongolia is a great base for hiking, horse and camel riding.  Just like the Gobi desert, it also has some beautiful landscapes especially at the Khustain National Park and around the Orkhon Valley: We took a tour for a week through Central Mongolia with Sunpath Hostel.  We spent a long time with animals such as the takhi ...
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Naadam festival in Ulan Bator

Naadam festival in Ulan Bator

After almost an entire week with no shower touring the Gobi desert, we welcomed a brief return to Mongolia’s capital city, Ulan Bator. This also coincided with Mongolia’s popular and widely watched annual Naadam festival.  This is the equivalent of the Olympic Games in Mongolia.  It is held every year between the 11th to 13th July and commemorates the ...
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The Gobi desert

Our tour of the Gobi desert

In July 2014 we took a week tour through the Mongolian Gobi Desert, booked through Sunpath Hostel (our base in Mongolia). The Gobi desert is the world’s 5th largest desert and the largest one in Asia. It endures extreme temperatures getting the cold Siberian –40°C wind in the winter months rising to as much as +50°C in the summer. Unfortunately there are no ...
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trans siberian visa

Obtaining visas for the Trans Siberian train

Obtaining our visas: final planning hurdle accomplished! Our ideal plan is to just follow our stomachs through Asia. Then, if the budget allows it, to work our way through to Australia and New Zealand. We will be entering Asia via the Trans Siberian railway through Russia, Mongolia and China (spending at least a month in each). After China ...
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