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Nomadic Boys meet Zorig Alima in Ulan Bator

Gay Mongolia: discover Mongolia’s only gay bar in UlaanBaatar

During our travels in Mongolia, we spent a lot of time in the capital city, Ulan Bator during the popular Naadam festival, where we discovered a subtle gay scene. Despite being a very traditionally conservative country, we found Mongolia’s only gay bar called Irish House, located East of the German embassy around 500m north of the main square: The ...
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Mongolia travel costs: 34,960 tugriks in this photo, which is around £11

How much does it cost to travel in Mongolia

Mongolia was the third country we visited on our travels, from 3 to 31 July 2014. We stayed 29 days and each spent:  £906 / $1,343 Per person daily average is therefore:  £31 / $46 Exchange rate was: £1 = 3,093 tugriks ($1 = 2,000 tugriks) This is our breakdown of our Mongolia travel costs:   Our tours in Mongolia There are ...
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Train from Ulan Bator to Beijing

Changing wheels on the Trans Siberian railway

The train from Mongolia’s capital city, Ulan Bator, to Beijing in China was the final leg of our Trans Siberian adventures. The journey took around 30 hours and involved a stop over at the border to literally change the bogies (wheels) on each carriage. Changing wheels: smaller Chinese train tracks The railway track gauges in China are smaller ...
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Our favourite observations about Mongolia

9 interesting facts about Mongolia

After a month of eating lots of mutton, drinking salted milk tea and trying to find the ultimate hat, we came up with our top 9 observations about Mongolia: #1 Mongolians love their hats The nomadic Mongolians, hats and are very important, a sign of good luck and they are very proud of them. They are so proud of ...
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