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Gay China

Gay China: Interview with local boy Cass

Whilst travelling in Xi’An, we met local boy, Cass Chen: Cass also taught us a great deal about gay China and growing up in a town like Xian in this Q&A: Greetings Cass and welcome to our blog, introduce yourself: Hello Nomadic Boys, my Chinese name is Chen Gui Peng, but my non-Chinese friends call me Cassanova, so my ...
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Stefan dolling up for a gay night out in Xi'An

Xian gay scene

Xi’An is a Chinese city with a population about the size of London (7 million).  Xian is famous for the Terracotta Army as well as the Muslim Quarter, which is a paradise for foodies. We based ourselves in Xi’An for a while during out travels in China so we set out to discover its gay scene with ...
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Street food in Xi'An's Muslim Quarter

Foodie paradise in the Muslim Quarter of Xi’An

Xi’An is a former capital city of China (called, “Chang’an”) and today famous for the Terracotta Army. The Muslim Quarter in Xi’An (Beiyuanmen Street) is a real paradise for foodies. A walk the Muslim Quarter was one of our favourite food memories of our travels so far.  Street sellers make fresh noodles, dumplings and a variety of ...
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The Terracotta Army sculptures in Xi'An

The Terracotta Army in Xi’An

The Terracotta Army is a world famous archaeological discovery in Xian.  Xian is in the Shaanxi Province in North West China. The Terracotta Army is also called the “Terracotta Warriors and Horses”.  It is a large collection of terracotta sculptures depicting the armies of the first Emperor of China called “Qin Shi Huang”: Qin Shi Huang was ...
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Pingyao's ancient walled city

Pingyao in August

Pingyao is in China’s Shanxi Province (North East).  It used to be China’s financial capital during the Qing Dynasty (1644 to 1912). Pingyao’s biggest draw today is its ancient walled town, making it a really photogenic place.  Here is our photo diary of our time in Pingyao: The atmosphere in the streets of Pingyao: Pingyao attracts a lot of ...
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