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Practical tips for travelling to Tibet for your first time

Travelling to Tibet is one of the world’s greatest adventures. It is a land of ancient Buddhist monasteries and stunning Himalayan mountains similar to the ones we climbed during our Annapurna trek in Nepal.Tibet was an isolated place for hundreds of years, completely cut off to foreign visitors until 1985 when China and Nepal reached ...
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Karsts formations around Yangshuo - Guangxi Proviince

Travelling in South China: cycling in Yangshuo

Yangshuo is a gorgeous town in south China, in the tropical Guangxi province. It’s famous for its stunning scenery “karst” limestone hill formations.There are over 70,000 karsts, which are unique to this part of China. Alongside it runs the River Li and other natural wonders, which makes it the ideal place to visit by bike.Our karsts ...
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5 tips for Chinese gay travellers to the USA

5 tips for Chinese gay travellers visiting the USA

The USA has some of the best gay destinations in the world. Despite the bad press it has received recently, there are many pink havens here ranging from San Francisco, New York, Key West and Fire Island. We always love visiting the States and always feel very comfortable travelling here as a gay couple.Chinese travellers visiting ...
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Train to Tibet better than flights

Why you should take the train to Tibet

We love our train adventures with the Trans Siberian railway and those journeys through the clouds in Sri Lanka ranking as some of our favourites in our travels.How to top this? How about travelling on the world’s highest railway?In Tibet you can ride on the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, which goes from the Northern edge of the Tibetan ...
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Zanda Clayforest on of best things to do in Ngari

Things to do in Ngari: our top 4 favourite attractions in Ngari, China

Ngari is the westernmost part of Tibet. It is best known for the sacred Mountain Kailash, Lake Manasarovar and the ruins from the ancient kingdom of Guge, which are must-see tourist attraction for any Tibet tour.Ngari is known as the horizon of the sky for Tibetans. For this reason, the area is also referred to as ...
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