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Recipe for locro de papa soup

Recipe for locro de papa: Ecuadorian potato and cheese soup

Locro de papa is one of the staple dishes of Ecuador. It is a potato based soup with cheese, served with avocado and cooked with garlic, onions, achiote (annatto) powder and cilantro. Locro de papa is particularly popular in the Andes highlands in Ecuador, where it’s the perfect accompaniment to the cold rainy weather. The word locro comes ...
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Uruguayan chaja caje recipe

Recipe for Uruguayan chaja: the famous sponge cake from Uruguay

Chaja is the famous luscious and extremely naughty cake of Uruguay. It is often described as a Uruguayan sponge cake filled with peaches and whipped cream. This is our recipe for Uruguayan chaja from our friend Charles Santos who has an excellent restaurant in Rocha called Parador Puerta de Rocha. Chaja was invented by Orlando Castellano, owner of ...
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Argentinian steak with chimi churri sauce

Recipe for Argentinian steak with chimi churri sauce

Steak is big business in Argentina. There’s more cows than people here and as a result the Argentinians have made steak a work of art. There’s plenty of excellent parillas to enjoy some of the best steaks in the country, particularly in Buenos Aires, but we also wanted to take back this little souvenir with us. Chimi ...
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Salmon ceviche

Peruvian salmon ceviche recipe

Ceviche is a Peruvian dish made from fresh raw fish marinated in citrus juices, usually lime and spiced with herbs like chilli peppers. Ceviche is an old tradition in South America used by the Incas to preserve their fish with fruit juices, salt and chili peppers.  The Spanish conquerors later introduced the lime, which is now ...
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