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Trying whale meat in Tokyo by accident Izakaya Seb

That one time we accidentally tried whale meat in Tokyo

Whale farming of any sort is illegal. That’s what we thought until we ventured out into the streets of Tokyo on our first night in the big city. We wondered into a small, homely and unassuming Izakaya (like gastro pubs) where we thought we would have our first sake and noodle dish. After ordering a few drinks ...
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Sushi mania Nomadic Boys best sushi in Tokyo

Sushi mania: discovering the best sushi in Tokyo

When you first think of Japanese cuisine, sushi is probably the first thing that comes to mind. Tokyo is one of the best places in the world for an intense sushi #foodporn experience, mainly as a result of having the world’s largest fish market. We set out to discover some of the places to enjoy the best sushi in ...
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We set up this blog to record all our travel experiences and so we can look back and laugh at ourselves. Maybe you will too! To find out more about us

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